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About Global Appraisal Solutions

Global Appraisal Solutions is real estate investors and lenders competitive edge in real estate appraisal management, mortgage lead generation and real estate investor support services.

We have long term relationships with our appraisers and we offer national and local expertise dedicated to providing valuation solutions and consulting services through analytic discipline and a team approach.

Our company’s philosophy is to provide an objective analysis to assist our clients in making informed real estate decisions. Our reports are prepared with the precision that the industry demands with all major property types included.  Due to the fact that commercial valuations are a costly item to investors, Global provides expertise to investors in evaluating real estate performance in advance of recommending our clients order a commercial valuation.

Global Appraisal Solutions delivers targeted strategic data to our 500,000 plus nationwide real estate investors on mortgage loan programs that our lender clients offer that are suited to our investors.

Global Appraisal Solutions business model is not to be all things to all people.  Rather, Global Appraisal Solutions is a competitive edge for our real estate investor and lender clients.  Global seeks out and attracts only the most talented, experienced and highly qualified real estate appraisers, lender clients, and real estate investors in the nation, and we connect our networks with one another in so doing create synergy and exponential growth for the clients we serve.

In addition to our real estate appraisal solutions, we provide the most advanced technology available, designed with our clients and appraisers in mind.  Our appraisal management system is extremely “user-friendly”.

Global Appraisal Solutions is committed to each of our clients.  Like you, our objective is to “close loans.”     It is our intent to provide you with the highest quality product in real estate valuations and investor support services.   Innovative technology plus quick turnaround equals the recipe for your success. We know your business objectives and are committed to understanding your needs. We work hard for you and your customers.

We look forward to our partnership and welcome the challenges ahead!

We Offer

  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Customer Service: Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm
  • Electronic Ordering and Delivery
  • Secure Online System to Track and Manage Appraisals
  • Professional and Accurate Appraisals
  • Reasonable Pricing & Customary Fees

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